31 Oct
Upcoming Key Dates

SMR will be holding its annual sales meetings 12/8 & 12/9 at The Hilton Bonnet Creek/Orlando site of our trade show. Vendors can now sign up and is available first...

31 Oct
Expansion Of Warehouse
SMR recently expanded its warehouse, we currently stock brand name items on an everyday basis with these popular companies: Dove, Axe, Bic, Kleenex, Head & Shoulders, etc. We also offer a wide variety of closeouts that we take advantage of by bringing them into our warehouse.
31 Oct
Digital Catalog

SMR has changed over from paper to digital, our 300 plus vendors are now available to see when our account managers make sales calls via tablets, and can also be...

31 Oct
Record Growth

SMR was able to supply the majority of our customers and many new accounts with essential pandemic items like sanitizers, masks, gloves, and wipes in a timely manner throughout 2020....

30 Oct
Best Selling Items
"SMR has more than 10,000 items we represent, attached are some of our Best Sellers and most re ordered year in and year out!”
26 Nov
SMR Show Goes To Computerized Ordering

SMRs next show in May 2018 will have all orders processed by each customer in attendance by use of handheld tablets which will be given to the retailers before they...

SMR importing
24 Nov
SMR Currently In Year 1 Of Import Company
SMR has experienced great success in year 1 of importing its own items. We have seen many repeat orders from both chains and independents and look to grow this business in the coming years. We have also been able to take advantage of many Close Out/Opportunity Buys as well.
10 Nov
SMR is now Salesforce compatible

Salesforces platform provides ground breaking cloud services for sales, service, marketing, community, analytics, apps., and the Internet of Things. Salesforce is the fastest growing top 10 software company in the...